Exceptional Kitchens
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Exceptional Kitchens

The kitchen has slowly moved from a space reserved for simply cooking and preparing food to becoming the entertainment hub of the home, and appliances used for cooking have now become a statement on their own.

High-end appliances improve resale, allow for gourmet cooking and provide proper temperature controls, all while looking sleek and sustaining durability, efficiency and longevity.  Ikon have multiple appliances that are ideal for connecting food culture with advanced technology.

Gas Burners

As a statement piece, you can’t look past Ikon’s PITT gas burners. They can be installed on a range of countertop materials for a seamless look and can even be placed further apart than standard burners. 

The number of burners and configuration desired depends entirely on the homeowners personal cooking style. A significant advantage of the PITT cooking system is the generous layout of the burners, in contrast to traditional stovetops, it is possible to use all burners at the same time, even when using large saucepans.


Ceiling rangehoods are a great option for cooking in combination with island bench units.  Sleek and stylish the slimline design of these products means the homeowner can enjoy open plan living and socialise without a big bulky rangehood getting in the way.  

They can be inserted into the ceiling, hidden away or created as a feature and can be used up to 3 meters away from the cooking zone. They are frequently used overseas in cultures where island cooking is a priority, New Zealand is just starting to take on this trend.

Beverage Cabinets

With a controlled environment perfectly suited to meet the needs of both young and aged wine, a beverage cabinet not only protects and stores wine but does so efficiently and affordably.  

It offers the convenience of being able to store wine in one dedicated spot that can fit anywhere from a kitchen counter to a built-in unit which fits right in with the kitchen cabinets. 

Rather than storing wine in a basement or closet, wine can be right there in the kitchen near the preferred serving area – bring your wine cellar right into the kitchen.

Steam/Convection Ovens

On the cutting edge of cooking technology today are steam/convection ovens. Steam is one of the healthiest ways to cook a meal. 

Traditional ovens pull moisture out of the food as it cooks, while in a steam oven food is cooked in its own juices, enhancing flavour and retaining nutrients. 

Ikon have a range of steam ovens that will add a touch of class to any kitchen.


Perhaps the most overlooked, yet most critical function in the kitchen is the tap and sink with the most used appliance in the kitchen being the tap/sink combination. 

On average, a family of four will use their sink area 20-30 times a day. Think about this most heavily used ‘appliance’ and spend more for better quality and more attractive solutions.


And finally, tying the whole aesthetic together, iKolor will bring a splash of colour to the kitchen and is invaluable for matching the colour of the sink with the bench top or perhaps the appliances.

About Ikon

Ikon are a Waikato based sink and kitchen appliance specialist. Their products are solution-based which solve typical kitchen design issues. Designed with style and function in mind, they are built to last with stainless steel sinks offering a lifetime warranty.

Ikoncommercial.co.nz Phone: 0800 83 83 84 

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