Ten Top Colour Tips
Christine Neil
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Ten Top Colour Tips

When you’re looking to add colour to your home, keep these top tips in mind…

  1.  Gather together a scrapbook of colours you like

    Take this with you when you are visiting stores and making choices – it will help shop staff make recommendations.
  2.   Always choose the surfaces that have the least choice first

    Such as your carpet, flooring, benchtop and roof colour - then choose your Resene paint colours.
  3.  If you think a colour you are looking at on a colour chart may be too dark for your interior

    Choose a lighter colour. Colours will look more intense when they are painted onto a large indoor area.
  4.  When painting outside, the opposite rule applies

    If in doubt, choose a darker colour as the sun will make the colour seem lighter.
  5.  Colour can have a huge impact on how a room feels

    Warm up a cool room by painting it in warm colours such as creams and reds. Or cool down a hot room by painting it soothing blues and greens.
  6.  If you’re opting for a neutral colour scheme

    Choose a colour family and then vary the strength from full to double, and quarter to half strength. This will help to add extra interest to the colour scheme. The Resene whites and neutrals collection has up to six strengths of each colour and is an easy way to get started on a neutral colour scheme.
  7.  Ceilings get less light than walls

    The same colour on a ceiling will look darker than on a wall. Choose a half or quarter strength of your Resene wall colour if you want your ceiling to look the same strength or lighter than your wall.
  8.  Lighting will affect your paint colours

    It’s important to plan your lighting at the same time. Paint a piece of A2 card with two coats from a Resene testpot and move it around the room to see how the colour changes during the day and at night.
  9.  Choosing the colour is only half of the job

    You also need to choose the right Resene paint so your colour works well and looks good for many years to come.
  10.  Use paint technology and colour smartly

    For example outside choose a Resene CoolColour™ for darker colours to reflect more heat and keep them cooler.

Top testpot tip

When using a Resene testpot, always paint all of the testpot (two coats) onto a very large piece of A2 card leaving a border around the edge. You can then move it around the room or space during the day and night to see how it looks. 


The border will help you see the true colour and not be distracted by the existing colour on your walls. Roll the painted sample so the colour is innermost and look down into it. This will give you an idea of how the colour will multiply if it is used on all walls.


And when you’re seeking advice on your colour choices… remember it’s your home and you have to live in it, so choose the colours that sing to you.


For more colour advice and ideas, check out the latest looks online, www.resene.co.nz/latestlooks, and visit your Resene ColorShop, www.resene.co.nz/colorshops.

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